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Free Holiday Treat!

Please enjoy these 2 Daily Gateway messages pulled from our Trust Yourself theme week!







Trust Yourself Day 4:

Your Own True Path




Audio Version:



Hello Beautiful Being! 


Today we’ll continue talking about honesty and self-trust. No matter how challenging life is, if you can be honest with yourself, you will get back in alignment with your True Self, and once you are in alignment with your True Self, you are back on the path that's right for you.


You may have heard me say that when you follow other people's guidance in place of your own, you step off your true path. The minute you do that, you find yourself in a dark and scary forest. The more you listen to others instead of yourself, the farther into the forest you go, and the harder it is to find your way back to your true path. Of course, it's never too late to return to your true path. But it's better to stay on it in the first place by following your own guidance!


Sometimes your true path can also seem scary, but it's not dark like the forest, and when you are on your own true path you will always be moving forward instead of going in circles. Stepping off your path by ignoring your guidance causes you to take a detour that delays you on your journey to greater and greater fulfillment.


When you bring your issues into the light of your own awareness by being honest about how you feel, you step back on your own True Path, and from there, in time, you’ll see the next step. If you can stay honest about how you feel without feeling that you need to come up with a solution, a solution will present itself to you.


It may not be a complete solution. It may just be the next step: something small and “do-able,” something you will feel right about. Taking action with this small step in the right direction will empower you and put you in touch with more of your life force, making you feel awakened and energized.


The solutions you need will come to you bit-by-bit in small increments, without your having to struggle to think them up yourself, once you begin being honest with yourself about your issues. We tend to have a very narrow focus when it comes to seeing possible solutions to our problems. So let me remind you that there are many, many possible solutions to whatever problems you face.


I promise you, they exist. You may not be able to see them yet, but the more you get back into alignment with your True Self, the more they will become visible to you.


One by one, step by step, answers, solutions, ideas, and new situations will come to you, and your life will begin to unfold in a brand-new way.


This simple act of connecting to your truth puts you back in alignment with your True Self and into a state of flow, within which you are magnetic to answers, solutions, and the forward movement that will take you to where you really want to be.


I am sending you love as you take your personal truth with you into this new day!










Trust Yourself Day 5:

Feel Yourself Fully in Your Body



Audio Version




Hello Beautiful Being! 


The next step on your path to self-trust is to get fully in touch with your body and begin honoring it as a powerful guidance-system. Most of us spend too much time “in our heads,” and not centered within our physical forms. We project our energetic selves outside of us, focusing on how we appear to others, worrying about what others think and do, contemplating the future, and on and on.


But our inner wisdom often speaks to us in a physical way, so it's important for us to be centered and grounded in our physical bodies. Take a moment right now to feel yourself fully in your body. Where do you feel the energy the most?


Make it a practice to stop what you're doing a few times a day and focus your awareness on the energy in the different parts of your body. Let’s do this together. Feel the energy in your feet...in your calves and shins...in in your knees...your thighs...your pelvis...your abdomen...your back...your chest…your shoulders…your arms…your hands…your neck…your jaw…and your head.


Really feel the energy in each part of your body. This will support you in connecting with your inner wisdom and trusting the guidance that comes forth. 


One of the places where people commonly feel body-guidance is in their abdominal area. Start paying attention to how your stomach feels as you interact with others.


Before I began to do this work I experienced a reaction in my stomach when talking with certain people. I couldn't understand why I felt this way, because these people were saying positive, polite things. I ended up blaming myself for the lousy way I felt when I was around them. 


What I came to know is this: I can trust my stomach!


When someone is using nice words, but what they are saying doesn’t match up with that they are really thinking and feeling, I will feel that discrepancy in my stomach. I am willing to bet that you will too, once you bring your consciousness back into your body. 


I have learned the hard way to “trust my gut,” to trust my own instincts, and to trust how my body feels in any given moment. In my work with clients over the years I have observed that people’s bodies are always giving them very accurate signals, but these signals are often ignored.


In some cases, people report that they don't have any feelings at all in certain areas of their bodies. If this is the case with you, set a clear intention to regain awareness of your body at a pace that is gentle and safe, and for your highest good. Use this intention as a sort of safety-net, and be patient with yourself as you regain body-awareness.


Take my love with you today as you begin a practice of getting fully back in your body, trusting what you feel there! 







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