From Lesley-Anne: 

My Rune Journey

I began this journey over 20 years ago as an Artist and Art teacher.   Once I discovered these magical symbols they became my creative Muse and I used them in my paintings, drawings. ceramic sculptures and stained glass panels.

I continued my Rune journey into Music, working with my musician, husband.   I am a singer/songwriter as “Witherspoon”.  I am currently finishing my “Galdr” of each rune.  You can find my songs on iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, Apple and more.

I then found a wonderful Irish teacher & mentor, Michael Conneely, who showed me the path to learn the meaning and to connect deeper to each Rune through visualization journeys!

This path also led me to the beautiful, wonderful healing system of Reiki.   I completed my training and am a Reiki Master Teacher and discovered a connection of Reiki back to my Runes!

My Current Offerings

  • Locally – Milwaukee, WI at Angel Light Healing Center, Infinity Healing Center, Unity Center
    • I offer readings using the Runes, Ogham, Oracle Cards & Tarot
    • I offer Rune Classes and Circles
    • I offer Spiritual Art Classes
    • I offer Reiki sessions and classes
  • Internet – I am launching soon my internet program of these activities



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