12 Days of Holiday Treats

Telesummit Sale


All our previous telesummits on sale during the holiday season.


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Healing Your Ancestral Patterns Replay


As we go through the holiday season (with so much focus on family) enjoy this presentation from David Furlong.


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Peppermint Plant Spirit Guided Journey


Discover the deep wisdom and powerful gifts that the Spirit of Peppermint has to share with us.


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A Fresh Look at the Esoteric
Titles of the Minor Arcana Replay


Treat yourself to a whole new understanding of the cards with this powerful call from Ruth Ann & Wald Amberstone!


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Own Your Beauty & Power with the Goddess Freya


Connect directly to the magic of the Goddess Freya with a special Guided Meditation, Guide, and Illustrated Journal Pages.


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Encounters with Kwan Yin, Goddess of Compassion


In this Celebrate the Goddess replay Sandy Boucher shares her deep love for Kwan Yin and shows us:

~ How to recognize the embodiment of Kwan Yin in the world

~ Practical things we can do to create our own beautiful relationship with Kwan Yin


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