Start every day by getting back to your center, realigning with your truth, and tapping into the life-force energy that fills you with passion and power!


The Daily Gateway


The new ongoing program from
Kim Wilborn of the Guardian Gateway!

Transformational daily audios that will change the way you think, feel, and live every day

How it works:


Every morning you’ll receive a new
3- to 5-minute audio message from
Kim that will bring you into alignment with your true self, your true potential, and your own unique purpose.

Together we’ll build a strong inner foundation of
self-love, & we’ll bring in other valuable
building blocks with weekly themes like:

In addition to your daily audio message, you'll also receive a written version of your daily message.


Go deeper into each week's theme
with journal prompts, get added support
for your journey, and connect to others on
the path in our


Private Facebook Group

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The Daily Gateway



Daily Gateway daily audio messages

Private Facebook Group

Written Version of Daily Messages





Inside your Daily Gateway Get-Started portal, you’ll find two special recordings, a morning audio for those days when you need extra encouragement and support to uplift you:



And an evening audio to help you create a space of peace and safety before you go to sleep:



Regular Price $67


Sale Price only $44 per month!


 By registering for the program you agree to an automatic monthly payment of $44, and you are free to cancel any time.



Come along on a journey with us. Together we’ll access your highest wisdom, connect to the support of Guardians and Allies, move through blocks and challenges, and light up every day with love and magic!